Hera Team

All the Hera team of international hairdressers have a minimum 13 years of experience in the vanguard of hairdressing fashion, definitely know how to make you look good in Hera Beauty Salon. We specialize in wearable hairstyles that are cut with a strong technical base and precision to give a modern finish with the aim to give style longevity.

We adapt international hair fashion to the needs of our Western and Asian customers. Our hairdressers are masters at creating beautiful blondes, brunettes and reds ranging from sun-kissed colour to the most dramatic, show-stopping looks. With highlights, balayage and beyond, we will discover colour that suits you perfectly, keeping your colour long-lasting and your hair healthy.

We also specialize in head SPA treatments designed to treat individual scalp and hair conditions that customers not only leave the salon looking great, but also relaxed and rejuvenate with healthier hair.

The team also offers elite nail care with its professional and meticulous manicure and pedicure techniques and exceptional nail treatments.

Hera Beauty Salon provides a completely enjoyable “Salon experience personalised to you”. Our commitment is to offer our clients the latest technical expertise in hair, nail and makeup creation and the highest quality products.




  • Cathrine Tandberg
  • Master Stylist

Cathrine is a Celebrity Stylist, consultant and an all-around fashion connoisseur who hailed from Norway, Oslo. She was previously based both in London and Norway, and worked alongside with world most recognized name in hairdressing, Lee Stafford in London as general manager and their distinguished stylist and she is renowned for her effortless sense on style. She has been in the industry for over 15 years and she believes that every woman has star potential if she will recognize her own unique beauty and appreciate the characteristics and traits that make her special and different. Throughout her hairdressing career, she has also worked on fashion shows, commercial and television with many renowned hairstylists and also a private stylist to many celebrities.

Cathrine’s strength is in creating the perfect hair color for her clients which is also her love and passion and this gives her a great sense of satisfaction.  Combining hair painting and precise foiling, Cathrine creates a 3rd dimension by colouring in shadows and texture. Also specializing in vanguard cuts and classically beautiful styles, Cathrine carefully balances precision, movement, and texture for each and every client. Drawing her creative inspiration from high fashion, art, and film giving, Cathrine cuts are unique and have a beautifully subtle edge.

Besides being a hair connoisseur, Cathrine is an experienced and well trained master makeup artist for many celebrities in Norway due to her ability to create countless different makeup and hair looks.



  • Rujean Botha
  • Master Stylist

A Whole Lot Of Rujean Botha…

Creativity and passion are perhaps the two most important qualities one needs in order to succeed in this fast-paced industry. Rujean is brimming with both.

Rujean is our master colourist and stylist and she brings to Hera with aspiration of almost two decades of hairdressing experience as salon director and educator. She is a renowned award-winning hair and makeup artist who has created stunning looks in numerous venues, including fashion editorials, fashion weeks, runways, commercial, film, television and Miss Universe pageant. Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Rujean now brings her top notch skills and expertise to Hera salon, Sentosa cove. Rujean’s has had a very distinguished career and has earned over twenty awards, and earning credits as a national finalist for the GOLDWELL colour trophy many times. During that time, her love for education grew this led to her becoming an educator for GOLDWELL.

Rujean is enamored with fashion and especially with the love for the craft of hairstyling, since a very young age. As a master colourist, Rujean is a connoisseur of various hair colouring techniques that achieved both bold and natural-looking and entailed beautiful results. She has a natural ability and keen eye for finding the perfect color ranging from beautiful blondes, brunettes and reds to enhance each client’s personal palette. Hair colour correction is also one of Rujean’s specialty.

Moreover, with a trademark style combining intricate cutting skills, jaw-dropping creativity and extravagant finishes, it’s little wonder that Rujean’s work has brought her such success. Her method of cutting takes into account the client’s hair, body, face shape and personal style, as well as their personality and lifestyle.

Rujean ‘s adeptness at elegance hairstyling, updos and makeup with slick polished finishing for wedding or grant events and proms will definitely favored her clients too.



  • Felix Yap
  • Senior Stylist and Colorist

Before joining Hera salon more than 2 years ago, Felix already had over 14 years’ experience working in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore leading salons. FY’s career began purely from an interest in the industry, but he quickly became a talented and ambitious artist at the forefront of the hair revolution, and today has a truly international clientele.

Felix Yap also brings a wealth of knowledge in dressing hair with sensuous curls, and he has a true talent for injecting incredible vitality to tired tresses.

He may have started out as an apprentice, but today he is a versatile stylist who thrives on the interesting and unexpected. Working with a wide variety of clients, Felix is expert is creating clean, stylish cuts for men, and highly styled-yet-accessible looks for women. Also as a colourist, Felix believes that changing the colour and texture of a client’s hair can help transform their look. The right colour can make you feel youthful and fresh, while today’s modern curls add volume and depth. Captivated by hair and beauty trends from a young age, Felix has parlayed that passion into helping his clients feel beautiful and confident, using the latest technical hair care innovations.



  • Kezlin
  • Senior Stylist and Colorist

With an indigenous sense of style and infallible eye for beauty cultivated by her hairdressing passion at very young age. Kezlin has established a reputation for innovative cuts and also a connoisseur of hair colour. With over 13 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Kezlin has been creating inspired looks for women and men using a passionate combination of creativity and science. Kezlin uses hair as her canvas, bringing a distinctive aesthetic and fresh approach to draw out individual client’s unique beauty. She listens well to each guest providing a thorough consultation of their desires, challenges and needs from their hair, delivering a custom look for every guest. Kezlin offers a variety of services from customized colour / foil placement work, hair colour correction, haircuts to special occasion and bridal needs to tailor a look to reflect their personal style. Kezlin’s passion is keeping current with the fashion industry as well as delivering an in-depth consultation to every guest, assuring that they leave looking and feeling their best.



  • Amihan
  • Senior Stylist and Colorist

Tease it. Curl it. Straighten it. Make it shine, make it bounce.

Shellac it with spray into a virtual sculpture.

Hair is what you make it – and Amihan has made it all.

Amihan brings to Hera with aspiration and over 18 years of experience in international hairdressing in different countries after graduated with a prestigious hairdressing diploma. Hair is her art and she loves the process of transforming someone from start to finish. Amihan is known for her unparalleled attention to details and her artistic eyes which have helped her create amazing hair cut experiences for her clients. Her haircuts are simple, clean, and importantly, it always grow out beautifully. Creating the perfect color for her clients is Amihan’s love and passion and gives her a great sense of satisfaction. Amihan believes that every woman has the star potential if she will recognize her own unique beauty and appreciate the characteristics and traits that make her special and different.




  • Lyvian
  • Nail Technician

Lyvian is an established manicurist with 4 years of experience. It is no wonder clients adore Lyvian and her expertise. Often available at a moment’s notice, she attends to clients while getting their hair done, she will pamper your fingers and toes, making the salon a one stop beauty shop. Lyvian believes in a great manicure is more than just a polish. It’s about consistent nail shape and meticulous cuticles and well-hydrated skin. She always reinforces that “Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.”



  • Quinnie Chin
  • Senior Nail Technician

Quinnie accentuates the natural healthy nail beauty in every client with her more than 5 years of experience after completing her training. Quinnie is specialized in manicures, pedicures, nails extension and different kind of nail treatment. Her strength are the meticulous manicure techniques and her passion for making people look and feel their best on their nails. She is well sought-after for her leg and foot massage and putting your nails in Quinnie’s hands promises to be an experience that is exceptional as well as unforgettable.